As everyone gets ready for the last term of school, it’s time to think about what you are going to pack in their lunchbox. If you're like me, you want to give them the most nutritious food but it has to be quick and simple to prepare. But what does that look like? And how do you build them a lunch box with all the right nutritional components? 

Our founder, Brittany Darling has put together this blog and a downloadable Quick Guide for Building a Balanced Lunch Box to print off and stick on your fridge.


1. Add a Protein Rich Food 

Protein is the most essential component of their lunch box. Protein is not only key to growth and development, it will also balance their blood sugar levels to keep them calm and focused throughout the day. Protein sources are also your key sources for nutrients such as iron, zinc, B12 and omega 3. Aim for their palm size portion at lunch and a slightly smaller portion for morning tea.


Lunchbox Friendly Protein Rich Foods:

  • Grass fed meats-lamb cutlets, sausages or homemade meatballs/meatloaf

  • Roast chicken 

  • Boiled eggs

  • Sustainable caught & BPA FREE tinned fish ie.tuna, salmon or sardines 

  • Legumes-cooked beans, lentils or chickpeas. Try roasted for added crunch. 

  • Dairy products-whole milk natural yogurt and cheeses

2. A Serve of Vegetables (or two-three) + A Piece of Fresh Fruit
Vegetables are the trickiest one for most parents. Did you know that it takes a child (and adults) up to 30 exposures to a food before they will tolerate or even like it. If your child doesn’t like vegetables, keep trying, don't give up. Put it in their lunch box or on their plate. Don't make a fuss if they don't eat it. Just keep exposing them to vegetables at every meal. 
Easy Vegetable Additions: 
  • Add sweet potato, zucchini, carrots or pumpkin to muffins, meatballs, pancakes etc. 

  • Cherry tomatoes

  • Add carrots, celery or cucumber sticks 

  • Leftover roasted root vegetables from last night’s dinner

  • Smoothies. I love a sneaky zucchini in a banana or mango smoothie! 

3. Complex Carbohydrates: Wholegrains, Beans + Pulses
Wholegrains, beans and pulses are a great source of complex carbohydrates which slowly release glucose to fuel children’s brains. These foods are also a rich source of fibre, a key component to keeping your kids bowels regular. 
Easy complex carb additions:
  • Black beans (think black bean brownies), 

  • Chickpeas 

  • San Remo pulse pasta

  • Spelt pasta

  • Wholegrain sourdough bread 

  • Brown rice

4. A Serve of Calcium Rich Foods (Dairy or Non-Dairy)
Calcium is required for strong healthy bones, and your child needs a lot. In the lunchbox you want to aim for 2 serves. 

Easy Calcium Ideas:

  • 1 slice of cheddar cheese

  • 1 yogurt (pouch or tub) 

  • Grilled halloumi with apple slices

  • Feta cubes 

  • Hummus with veggie sticks or in a sandwich


Written By Brittany Darling



Brittany Darling