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The I'm Nutrients Story

A little about our journey...

Hi, I am Brittany (also known as mum)

As fellow parent and the founder of I’m Nutrients. It all started in 2017 after never being able to find the perfect nutrient combinations for my children’s needs.

As a mum with a passion for all things natural health, I always struggled finding supplements I was 100% happy to give them. Everything we tried either contained too many additives like sugars, artificial flavours and sweeteners and excipients, didn’t contain effective dosages or optimal forms of nutrients, and were too tricky to take; either capsules or gross tasting powders.

The inspiration behind our first formulation, Calm Mind was from the desperate need to support one of my children. They were struggling to be calm at school, I knew that a combination of zinc, magnesium, and B-vitamins would be helpful in aiding in his nervous system and that there was science to support this. I then stubbled across some articles on saffron, a common culinary spice used for thousands of years and there were a number of published clinical trials, specifically showing benefit for saffron and its ability to alleviate some of the symptoms we were dealing with.

Supplementing my child with all these nutrients meant multiple tablets and capsules. For a number of months, I opened up capsules of zinc and B-vitamins and added them to homemade (healthy) jelly. For magnesium, I would do magnesium chloride baths and apply magnesium creams. I also tried to use saffron in cooking as much as I could. We ate a lot of paella! After implementing these changes he was calmer and the feedback from school was, “What has changed? There has been a such a great improvement”.

I was hopeful that saffron, with the addition of zinc, magnesium and active vitamin B would support his the nervous system and provide him with the building blocks to overcome his challenges.

Being "in the thick of it" with multiple appointments to speech pathologists, play therapists and OT's (plus all the other kinds of therapy) each week, I saw there was a need for something like this for other kids too. But there was no way already stressed out, time poor parents would go to the same lengths I did with combining multi things into a jelly. It had to be easy for parents to give, and appealing enough for kids actually to take it. It was important that this combination of nutrients was in a form that was both easy to absorbed into a family’s daily routine, without adding further stress.

And I’m Nutrients was born.

A child focused nutrient company, after struggling to find effective, clean and palatable supplements for my own children.