How long does an order take to arrive?

We pack 14 hours of the day from our Sydney based warehouse. We don't muck around on our end. 

We predominately send parcels via Australia Post because it is a carbon neural service. Delivery time frames differ based on regular or express services and your locations. Please see below estimates. If your parcel hasn't arrive within the expected time frame, please check your porch, mailbox or local post office, then follow up Australia Post or feel free to email us for help. 

Parcel Post 

Same state 2-4 business days 
Interstate  3-6 business days 

Express Post 

Same state 1-2 business days
Interstate 1-3 business days 

What age is Calm Mind for?

Calm Mind is formulated for children 6+ years. Calm Mind contains Saffron ‘affron®’ which in children 12+ years calms the mind and soothes the nerves, reduces and relieves the symptoms of mild anxiety, nervous tension and unrest, and relieves irritability. While saffron hasn't yet been studied in younger children for these specific indications our other active ingredients (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6) help to support nervous system function in children 6+ years. 

My child in younger than 2 years, can they take these supplements? 

Please read the label and follow directions of use. Only some of our products are suitable for children 2+ years. The tablet is also a chewable so your child must be able to chew. 

Are the products regulated or approved? 

The I’m Nutrients products are listed with the industry regulatory body in Australia. You can find our AUSTL number on the front of the label of each product. 

In Australia, the TGA regulates complementary medicines. Supplements purchased overseas do not have the same restrictions and regulations to abide by. You’ll see supplements online that contain ingredients that are restricted in Australia for safety and efficacy reasons. They may also make therapeutic claims that we are not allowed to make in Australia.

Are your product third party tested?

All our formulations are tested post manufacture for heavy metals, microbial contaminants and to ensure that the active ingredients are at the level on the label. We also run testing at 6 monthly increments for the shelf life of the product. 

When should my child take the chewable tablets?

The chewable tablet can be taken anytime of the day. For children, 9+ years, that require multiple tablets, we recommend separating the dosages. Eg. One in morning and one at night for best results and absorption. Each product is different so please read the directions of use on the label. 

What if my child is unable to chew the tablets? 

If they child is unable to chew, the tablets may be crushed and mixed with water, yogurt or honey and consume immediately. 

How much iron is in iron immunity? 

Iron Immunity contains 29.41mg of iron bisglycinate which is equivalent to 5mg of elemental iron, approximately 50% of the RDI for children aged 2-13 years. Iron bisglycinate is an amino acid bound mineral so it is easily absorbed in the small intestine. 

Why does Iron Immunity say "not for the treatment of iron deficiency conditions"?

Iron Immunity helps to prevent dietary deficiency of iron not iron deficiency conditions. Iron deficiency conditions include iron deficiency anaemia, where iron stores are low (ferritin) and red blood cell formulation is low. 

Do the products contain any animal products?

Most of the I'm Nutrients products are free from animal derived ingredients, with the exception of Iron Immunity which contains lactoferrin, derived from Australian cows milk. The lactoferrin we use is Kosher and Halal certified. 

Are there any excipients in the product?

Yes, but we were very picky about which ones we used. Some excipients must be used to ensure quality and consistency during the manufacture process. Most vitamin companies do not disclose their excipients list however we feel very confident about ours.

Please email us, if you would like our very short list of excipients.

Why do some of your formulations contain sulfites? 

Some of our natural flavours potentially contain small traces of sulfites (less than 10 parts per million). The TGA requires us to include "contains sulfites" as a label warning as it is a potential allergen for those who are allergic, as with other allergens like shellfish, soy and dairy. 

Your chewable's taste sweet, is there any sweetener or sugar in them? 

No added sugar or artificial sweeteners. A miracle we know! We carefully create optimal flavour profiles using a combination of natural sweeteners and flavours for our tablets.  

What if an item is out of stock? 

Unfortunately sometimes items go out of stock. We do to keep enough stock for our subscription customers, so if you never want to run out, please consider a subscription. If you want to stay up to date on out of stock item, please make sure you are on our mailing list to be notified when items are back in stock. 

How do preorders work?

If an item is available for preorder, please check product description for ETA of delivery. Preorders generally open 6 weeks prior to a product launch or restock of a new batch. 

Can adults take I'm Nutrients?

Yes, adult can certainly take I'm Nutrients. Please follow the directions of use for 12+ years. 

Where is your lactoferrin sourced from? 

We use 100% Australian sourced lactoferrin. Our lactoferrin is an ultra-premium, gently spray dried and rapidly absorbed high purity lactoferrin protein. It is prepared directly from fresh cow’s milk that has passed through our innovative manufacturing process designed to minimise protein denaturation, and so optimise the preservation of lactoferrin’s functional properties. The lactoferrin we use is both Kosher and Halal certified.