Targeted children’s supplements

What we put in is just as important as what we leave out.

Australian Made Mum- Founded Expertly Formulated

"Started out of necessity for my own children"

Australia's only mum-founded and purpose driven supplement company.

Discover why leading Australian nutritionist, Brittany Darling started I'm Nutrients for her own children.

From the people
From the people
"Calm Mind has been a great addition to my children’s daily regimen. It has a subtle yet noticeable effect on their overall behaviour; lessening tantrums and improving emotional regulation. A useful tool in any mum’s arsenal! ”
From the people
"My kids love taking their ‘calm medicine’ each day. They love the taste and the after-school meltdowns seem to have reduced! I appreciate the quality of the ingredients and research that has gone into making this amazing product."
From the people
"My son is ridiculously fussy with his food and refuses most meat and good iron sources. As much as I’d like him to get all nutrients from his diet it wasn’t happening. He loves the taste of the iron immunity tablets and happily takes them everyday. It’s a huge relief for me to know he’s getting the extra nutrients he needs!"
— Kaya
From the people
"I was looking for a great iron / vitamin supplement for my toddler as I worry he’s iron deficient. He’s very pale and eats barely any meat or let alone anything nutritious. He loves his vitamin now and I have peace of mind he’s getting important nutrients into his little body. I love the subscription option because as I busy mum I forget to replenish and then we run out - so now I have EXTRA peace of mind that the next lot will just arrive on time. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!"
— Siri
From the people
"I am always on the look out for products that provide the intended therapeutic benefit, but that are also palatable so children will take them without a fuss. I found it with Calm Mind!"
— Kellie Montgomery
From the people
My 3 yr old loves this! Thank you for making this product! Gives me peace of mind when my son only eats bread and pasta for dinner. He loves them!
— Tegan
Formulated for children

targeted for their unique requirements


Active B vitamins

Not all B-vitamins are created equally.

Ours are active!

Iron bisglycinate

Iron is the most common nutrient inadequacy in children.  The combination of their increased iron requirement to support growth and development and poor dietary intake.

Saffron (Affron®)

Saffron‘s active constituents and science behind this spice.