We use Iron Bisglycinate

We use a form of iron known as iron bisglycinate. Iron bisglycinate is an iron molecule bound to 2 glycine molecules, which means it's easily absorbed in the small intestine.

Iron Functions

  • Aid/assist healthy red blood cell production
  • Maintain/support blood health
  • Helps maintain/support transport of oxygen in the body
  • Aid/assist/helps oxygen transport to body tissues
  • Helps maintain/support haemoglobin formation/synthesis

Recommended Daily Intake of Iron for Children

Boys & Girls (1-3 years) 9 mg

Boys & Girls (4-8 years) 10 mg

Boys & Girls (9-13 years) 8 mg

Boys (14-18 years) 11 mg

Girls (14-18 years) 14 mg

Sources of Iron in Food

Red Meat

100g ground beef = 3.5 mg

100g lamb= 2.5 mg

Darker Poultry Meats

100g chicken liver = 11 mg

100g chicken thigh= 1.3 mg


1 whole eggs = 0.6 mg


½ cup green lentils= 1.5 mg

Raw Spinach

1 cup = 1.2 mg

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